The User Management Report can provide admins and creators with permission the ability to download a list of learners within Continu, along with important information from their profiles. This report will show the learner's email, job title, department, and more.   

List of Columns:

Role: What role does this user have: Admin, Creator, or User.

Suspended: If the learner's account is suspended or not.

First Name 

Last Name


Job Title

Created At: The date the learner was first added to Continu. This is the learner's creation date, not their hired date or the date they first logged in. This date is added automatically when the learner is created

Hired: The learner's hired date. This must be entered on the company side.

Many teams use the Hired On or Hired Exactly ___ days ago workflow triggers. Always check the Hired On date is completed before the actual date of hire to ensure workflows trigger as expected!
Last Login
Is Collaborator

User ID (Continu Internal): This is the user's internal ID within Continu. This is the value from the learner's URL when their profile is selected from the Admin > User Menu. 





Org Level

Is Manager

Manager Email

Provisioning Status

Status: This column shows the learner's status. Unlike the Suspended Field, this column will show Active, Suspended, and Pending. This can be useful in determining if any learners have failed to log in for the first time. 



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