Groups are an organizational tool that can search for users, define assignments, and segment content. In this guide you can learn how to navigate to Groups, creating new Groups, and guides on how to use Groups . 

Navigating to Groups

Adding a Group

Searching for Groups

Additional Guides on Groups

Navigating to Groups

Using the left hand Navigation, open Connect. From there, click Groups


Adding a Group

1. Navigate to the Connect tab from the left hand navigation, then select Groups

2. Click Add Group at the top right

3. Fill out all required Group information (Name, Description) along with any related fields such as Departments, Locations, etc.

4. Click Save


Groups is an add-on feature. If you'd like access to Groups, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

Searching for Groups

1. In Group view, locate the Search bar in the upper middle section of the page

2. Type the name of the Group you are looking for

3. The Groups will automatically filter out any names that are not related to your search terms, as shown below


Additional guides on Groups

To get started with Groups, please find access to these additional resources:

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