Step One: Navigate to the Admin > Settings > Groups


Step Two:
To set up a new group, click Create New Group. Already created groups will appear in the area below



Step Three: Complete the details highlighted below


Group Name: This is for Admin reference only


Tip: Give the Group a unique name. As you build more Groups, similarly named ones will become harder to distinguish. 


Add an External ID (optional): This allows for group logging in purposes.

Now give the group a description. This helps to give context to the profile and what its purpose(s) is.

Field Selections:
Add the user values that are required for this Group. While optional, adding fields can give the group specificity and granularity. 

Tip: Conversely, leaving the fields blank allows for the Group to be an open option to later add users and managers.

For information on how to add users or managers to a Group, click here.

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