This guide will help identify common problems when your company SFTP user file produces an error.

How do I know my SFTP update failed?

There are two methods for determining if the update had a failure.   

Check the SFTP Server's Error Folder

Each SFTP file will go into either a success or failure folder. If the file is in the error folder, an error was found and the file didn't process. If you do not have access to the SFTP folder, consult the Continu Stakeholder within your company to find out who can access the folder. 

SFTP Error Notification Emails

Continu provides an error notification email each time the SFTP update fails. If you are not on the email list, ask the Continu Stakeholder within your company to request access through your Customer Success Manager.

Why did my SFTP Update Fail?

SFTP updates fail when there is incorrect data within the file. We'll provide a few of the most common issues. 

Duplicate Accounts

If there are duplicate accounts on the data file it will fail to process. This can relate to a user(s) with the same email address, userid or both

Missing Hierarchy

The Department and Location Fields within Continu have a hierarchical structure. Each can have three levels. If you enter information in level 2 or 3 without having information in the level above, there will be an error. 

The easiest way to search for this in a spreadsheet is to filter Location/Department 1 for blanks and look for any rows that have data in Location/Department 2 or 3 that have data, then repeat, filtering Location/Department 2 and ensuring no rows have data in Location/Department 3. 

Missing Required Columns

Many fields can be left blank within Continu, but some fields are required when performing a data import. These include:

  • UserID (if this is a field that is being utilized by your company as the unique identifier)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Provisioning Status

Ensure all these fields are complete on the SFTP file for all rows, or errors will occur. 

The file contains more user records than available seats in Continu

If your SFTP update file contains more user records than user seats, the file will have an error. You can view your number of User Seats in the Admin > Settings > User Seats menu within Continu. 

If you would like to increase your User Seats, please reach out to your Continu Customer Success Manager.

Why are my values changing or reverting from my update?

User Role is changing from Admin to User

If Admins are changing to Users after running an SFTP update, you may have left the Role column blank. Any blank entries in this column will be overwritten as User permissions. 

Fields are reverting back after the upload

The most likely reason any field would appear to revert is that it was never properly updated. Check the Why did My SFTP Update Fail section at the top, and ensure there were no errors on any days since the update should have taken place. 


Why are my new users populating with blank profiles within Continu? 

If a user logging in through Single-Sign-On has a blank profile, it means they've logged in before their account was created by the file upload. If you believe their file has been uploaded, check your error folder. If the upload for that user's add date is in the error folder, chances are the file was never uploaded. Once the file is properly uploaded, the user's profile will update.  



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