Enabling International Language Support Within Continu

The Continu App can be set to display over 90 different languages on the front end for users. This guide will explain how to enable International Language Support. 

Note: The internationalization only applies to the Continu app. Content created in Continu will display exactly how it is written.

International Language Support will need to be enabled for your instance by the Continu Team. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to begin the enablement process. 

Once International Language Support is enabled, it can be set on a user-by-user basis. This can be done on the admin side, or by the users themselves


User Dashboard


To set a user's display language:

Step One: Navigate to Admin>Users and search for the user. Open their user profile by clicking their name.


Step Two: Scroll down until you find the Language option in the right column.

Step Three: Select the language from the list of languages enabled. 

Step Four: Scroll to the bottom of the page and press Save User to put these changes into effect. 


Note: The user will need to refresh their page or log out and back in before they will see the changes on their instance.

User Dashboard

Users can also set their own display language manually from their Dashboards.

Step One: Click on Dashboard in the left hand navigation 

Step Two: Press the edit profile button.

Step Three: Find the language selector and choose your display language from the list. The results will change immediately to show the new display language. 





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