Collaborating just got easier with Continu Groups 

Now Admins have the ability to create tailored Groups for their team members, based on their department, locations, or learning needs.
Groups can work as additional allocation for Assignments and Segmentation, or you can take it a step further and allow team members to manage respective Groups within the system. This will provide these Group Managers the ability to easily assign training material to each Group they manage, track performance, and manage users.

With the additional Group Manager Configurations, Admins can customize access at all times, which helps to empower teams to:

  • Add and edit users
  • Assign training within their Groups
  • Manage existing Assignments
  • Report on all users within their managed Groups

Utilizing Groups can not only further reduce tasks for Admins, but will help streamline workplace learning and collaboration.

Below are a few examples of how Groups can be utilized for your teams:

  • Onboarding Cohorts: To further streamline the onboarding process, create onboarding cohorts for segmentation and assignment purposes
  • Sales & Marketing Groups: To allow team members to manage across their entire team from onboarding to ongoing development directly within the Manager Dashboard
  • Dual Managers: By assigning team members as a Group Manager, you can provide them the same access as managers within the system. This could be used to assist or to completely manage the Group they have access to
  • Manage Hierarchy: We understand that companies can have complicated data structures that not all team members understand. With Groups you can create these structures and then provide access. Team members can either be part of the Group, manage it, or both. 
Groups is an add-on feature. If you'd like access to Groups, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 


To get started with Groups, please find access to these additional resources:

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