To download the .CSV template to bulk upload users: Navigate to Admin > Users > Add Users > Import / Update Users. On the next screen select download the template:


First Name: First name of the user

Last Name: Last name of the user

Email: This is the identifier used to sign in to Continu as well as for all Single Sign-On users.

Role (Permissions): The role relates to the user's permission level on Continu which needs to be allocated to each user record. These are the acceptable roles:

  • User: Able to view, share, and like content and learning tracks.
  • Admin: Full access to Continu. Can add and edit all content types, view analytics, create workshops, and manage users
  • Creator: Can add content, workshops, external content, and learning tracks.
  • External User (optional): Can only view content, workshops, and learning tracks that have been specifically segmented to them.
Note: If this column is in your upload, it is a required field and cannot be left blank. If you remove this column from your .csv, existing users will retain their current permissions, and all new users will default to the User level permission.

Job Title: Title of the user

Department Level 1, 2, 3: Departments can be separated into three levels. (Main Department, Sub Department & Sub-Sub Department)

Note: At least one department is required and must be department 1 followed by 2 etc. There will be an error if there is a value in department 2 but 1 is empty.

Location Level 1, 2, 3: Locations can be separated into three levels. (For eg. Country, State, City) . 

Note: At least one location is required. Same as the department column, enter values keeping hierarchy in order

Team:  Users can be assigned to one or more teams within the organization. To set up a user under multiple teams use the following example:
Team 1|Team 2|Team 3

Note: Be careful not to include any trailing spaces after your team names, or you could create duplicate teams.

Org Level: Users can be assigned according to their level within the organization. Alternatively, this field can be utilized as an additional segmentation option. (This can be a word or numerical value)

Grade: Users can be assigned according to their grade within the organization. Alternatively, this field can be utilized as an additional segmentation option. (This can be a word or numerical value)

Hired: Include Hired Dates for all users if possible.  This will allow the ability to filter users based on if they are new hires and assign content accordingly. The date format required for Importing MM-DD-YYYY. Using another format may cause problems with the upload, or may result in incorrect dates being added to your users' profiles. 

Is Collaborator: True or False value. Collaborators can edit content but require publishing approval.

Note: Admins and creators CAN NOT be collaborators.

Tip: Collaborator is a required field and thus needs a value for upload to work. If not using this field during upload, delete the entire column to avoid upload errors.

Buddy Email: The email address of the user's buddy if utilizing the buddy system.

Manager Email: The email address of the user's manager (This will ensure all direct reports are listed in the Reports section for a manager)

Is Manager: This is a true or false value if the user is a manager. (This will ensure My Reports is viewable for the user)

Provisioning Status: This will determine how a user is added or updated in Continu.  


Provisioning Status Options

inviting: A user will receive an invite email to Continu. A password will be set up at registration.

provisioning: For companies utilizing Single Sign-On to manage users a provisioning email will be sent. This email will direct them to their relevant identity manager.

inviting-muted: A user is added to Continu without an invite email triggered.  This allows an Admin to add users and manually send invites at a later stage.

provisioning-muted: A user is added to Continu without a provisioning email sent.  When a user enters Continu for the first time all pre-loaded information will be added to their profile.

reinviting: Remind pending users in bulk. All pending users on the list will receive a reminder invite email. 

resetting: Reset passwords of users in bulk. All users on the list will have their passwords reset.

suspending: A user can be suspended from Continu at any time.  This can be useful for termed employees, contractors, external or casual user types.

unsuspending: If a user is currently suspended in Continu and needs to be reactivated you can un-suspend them at any time.

Adding Groups To The Bulk Uploader

If you have groups enabled in your instance of Continu, you can assign groups to users with the bulk uploader. Groups are added a little differently than most other fields. First, you'll want to manually add a column to your bulk upload .csv named groups. You will then add the Group ID to the column for each user row you want to add into a group. The group must already exist within Continu to get the Group ID. You won't be able to create new groups with the upload tool.

Navigate to Admin > Settings > Groups and then press the dots next to the group and press Edit to view the Group ID in the URL. The Group ID will be the string of letters and numbers at the end of the URL. Copy the ID and paste it into group column in your spreadsheet.  




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