Adding Sessions to Multi Session Workshops

Whether you are creating a varied session workshop or a cohort session workshop, the process to add sessions is the same. Do note that for cohort sessions, each cohort must be assigned a single date from each session.  

Note: Once a multi session workshop is published, you will no longer be able to add additional sessions. Be sure you've added all the intended sessions before publishing!

Step One: After creating a Multi Session workshop and choosing between a varied or cohort workshop, you will navigate to the sessions page. Select +Add Session in the Sessions section. 


Step Two: The sessions sub-menu will open to the details page. Add the name and description for this session. Press Next to move on to adding dates.


Step Three: Add a date or dates to your session. You can add dates one at a time or schedule them daily, weekly or monthly.

See Add a Single Date to a Workshop or Session to add dates one at a time, or Adding Multiple Dates & Times To A Workshop Or Session to schedule repeating dates.

Remember that for cohort session workshops, each cohort will need to be assigned a date from each session. Press Next when you're done adding dates.

Step Four: Add an image to your session. This image will appear on the workshop's main page in a thumbnail for the session. Press Next to move on to the settings menu. 

Step Five: Choose the settings for this session. These settings are specifically for the session you are currently editing. The multi session workshop menu will have its own settings. For the session, you can add custom notifications, enable completion certificates, and enable public comments for the session. See the Editing your Settings and Adding Custom Notifications to Workshops articles for more information on how these settings function.


Step Six: If you press Next, a pop-up will appear with a preview of how the session will appear on the workshop. Once you're satisfied, press Create to add the session to your Multi Session workshop

Repeat the steps for as many sessions as you would like in your workshop.

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