Creating A Cohort Session Workshop

Cohort session workshops are a form of multi session workshop in which learners are locked into specific workshop dates for each session based on the chosen cohort. This allows the creator to control the pace of workshop sessions.  

Step One: Navigate to Admin > Workshops > Add a Workshop and select Multi Session Workshop.

Step Two: Complete the Workshop Title, Description & Tags. Choose Cohort Session in the workshop type field, then click Next.

Step Three: Add and complete the session details for each session. Follow the Adding Sessions to Multi Session Workshops instructions to complete this step. Repeat for as many sessions as you'd like this workshop to contain.

Step Four: Add your Cohorts using the Add Cohort button. Give your Cohort a name and press save.

Step Five: Assign a date from each session to the Cohort using the drop-down menus. Any user registering for the Cohort will be automatically registered to the dates specified here. 


When you have completed assigning sessions to each of your Cohorts, press Next to continue on to images.

Step Six: Upload an Image for the Workshop. Click the Next button to continue.

Step Seven: Select the categories, if any, you would like this workshop to appear in for the Explore Page. Press Next to move on to settings. 

Step Eight: Edit your settings and notifications. See the Editing your Settings and Adding Custom Notifications to Workshops guides for more information. These settings and notifications will be for the workflow as a whole. Each Session can also have its own settings and notifications as noted in the linked instructions for Step Three. 

Step Nine: If you'd like to preview how this workshop will appear to learners, press Next or the Preview icon at the top of the page. When you're satisfied, press Create to create your Varied Session Workshop.


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