Zoom Workshops: Recordings And Automatic Attendance

Zoom workshops created in Continu can automatically track attendance for your users, as well as save recordings of the workshop the learner can view at any time after the workshop is completed. 

Zoom will automatically take attendance for users, but the Host must ensure their Zoom account is set to automatically record videos, or the recording will not be saved. 

Follow the instructions below to enable your zoom recording settings, and for instructions on setting up your workshops to record and take attendance. 

Enable Zoom Recording Settings

Set Up Workshops To Record and Take Attendance


Enable Zoom Recording Settings

Hosts can enable their Zoom automatic recordings in the Zoom Settings.

  1. Log in to Zoom and navigate to the settings Menu
  2. Choose the Recording option from the top of the settings menu
  3. Find the Automatic Recording setting and ensure it is enabled. Record your meetings to the cloud to allow for the Continu - Zoom integration to find and save the videos. 
    Please note - This setting must be enabled for the Host. If you are unable to enable this setting, please reach out to your internal IT team for assistance. 

Set Up Workshops To Record and Take Attendance

  1. When Adding Dates to your workshop, select the Online location, and toggle the Zoom switch on.
  2. To record the workshop, toggle the Record My Zoom Meeting switch on.
  3. If you want to automatically take attendance, the attendee must be signed into Zoom with a Zoom account that shares the exact email as their Continu account. Toggle on the Require Participant Login switch to ensure all attendees log in with a Zoom account. 

    Do note that if your Zoom account does not allow for recording, the settings may not save properly at this step. 


My recording is only a few seconds long.

If you find your recording is only a few seconds long, chances are your host opened the workshop zoom meeting, and then closed it before any learners could join. Zoom only sends the recording and attendance from the first instance, so it is important your hosts do not open the meeting until the workshop is set to begin. 

No user attendance was taken

If no attendance was taken, first check how long it has been since the meeting ended. Zoom will usually provide attendance within about an hour of the end of the meeting, but it can take longer. If the attendance is not updated within 24 hours, first check your recording. If the recording is only a few seconds long, see the above troubleshooting guide. 

Only some user attendance was taken

If some users were automatically marked as attended, but others weren't, check what Zoom account the users logged in with. The emails must match exactly between Continu and Zoom. If there is any variation, the attendance will not update within Continu. You can check the email of signed-in users from the Zoom>Reports>Usage>Participants menu. This will also provide the full list of attendees if you need to manually mark attendance for any reason.




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