Add a Single Date to a Workshop or Session

These instructions will help when adding dates to workshops or varied / cohort workshop sessions.

Step One: Set the Date and Time for the Workshop. (You can also change the timezone for your Workshop as illustrated) 

For help with scheduling multiple dates see Adding Multiple Dates & Times To A Workshop.

Step Two: Select between an In-Person or Online Workshop. Complete the appropriate details. If you have the Zoom Integration for Continu set up, you can also connect your zoom account to the workshop to automatically create a session, track attendance, and record the workshop. See Adding Zoom Webinars To Workshops for more information on setting up a Zoom Workshop. 

Step Three: Complete the Facilitator Details (Facilitator Image, Name & Bio)

Instructor/Avatar Image Best Practices:

  • squared image size (200x 200 pixel dimensions)
  • .png file format (will replicate and load accurately for all internet connections)

Step Four: Set how many users can attend the Workshop

For unlimited participation, set this number higher than any expected attendance.

Step Five: Turn on Workshop Waitlist (If applicable) and set how many users can be added. 

Step Six: Turn on Google Calendar notification for this Workshop date. If selected, the attendees will receive an email and Google Calendar notification (if using Google Calendar). 

Step Seven: Turn on the Open Attendee List, to allow users to see who is attending

Step Eight: Turn on Cancel Registration with Google, which allows users to decline and leave a workshop via Google.

Default Location is best for in-person Workshops. Click Add at the bottom then Next.


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