Step 1: Navigate to the Users tab within Admin.


Step 2: Click on the Download User List link.


There are four (4) user type reports that can be downloaded:

  • Confirmed: users that have completed their registration in Continu
  • Pending: users that have received invites or been given access to Continu but have not completed their registration
  • Suspended: users that no longer have access to Continu
  • All Users: full list of all users in Continu (confirmed, pending & suspended)


Step 3: Click the Confirmed icon (this will download a full list of all confirmed users within Continu).


Step 4:  Click the Pending icon (this will download a full list of all pending users within Continu).


Step 5: Click the Suspended icon (this will download a full list of all suspended users within Continu).


Step 6: Click the All Users icon (this will download a full list of all users within Continu).




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