The Settings menu allows content creators to edit and change things like notifications, visibility, and the way users can interact with a piece of content. This article will explain the different settings available across content. 

Explore Settings

Hide This Content from Explore: Enabling this setting will prevent the content from being viewable on the explore page. Users will only be able to find the content if it is assigned to them or shared through a direct link.

Show this Content on Latest and Greatest: This content will be displayed on the Explore Home Page. 


Viewing Duration

Estimated Viewing Duration: Use these settings to provide users with an estimation of how long the content should take to complete. 



Toggling Ratings on will allow users to leave feedback on a 5-Star scale. 

Allow Feedback: Enabling Allow Feedback will allow users to write out any feedback they may have when rating the content. 

Notify Contact of Feedback: When this setting is enabled, any users added to the Feedback Contacts will receive a notification whenever a user leaves feedback on the content. 

Show Average Rating: When this setting is enabled, users will be able to see the average rating for the content. 

Feedback Contacts: Users added to this list will receive notification if the Notify Contact of Feedback option is selected. 

Slack Channels: If your organization has an integration with Slack, you can set Feedback notifications to be sent to specific Slack channels



Allow Comments: Enabling this setting will create a comment box to leave comments for the content. All users will be able to see any comments left by any other users. 



Segmenting content allows the creator to determine who can see or access content. See the Segmentation article for an in depth explanation on how to set up segmentation for your content. 



Add Collaborators: Enabling this setting will allow creators to give non-creator or admin collaborators permission to make edits to the content. 

Note: These changes will not take place until approved by a Creator or Admin

Press the +Add Collaborator Button to search for users to add as collaborators, then add them by pressing the Plus button in the row across from their name.



Adding a Survey will allow you to associate a survey to the content to be completed after the content is viewed. Click here to learn more about Surveys.


Specialty Settings

Learning Tracks

Lock Completion Sequence: Locks the completion order so that users will need to complete each piece of content in order before moving on to the next.

Resource: Turning on the Resource setting will make the learning track function as a repository of info that can be opened at will rather than a formal learning track.

Enable Certificate: Continu will generate a certificate for users who successfully complete the learning track.




The SCORM player will allow you to set content to open in the same browser window the learner is on, or to pop-out a browser window for the SCORM course. The popout can be useful for SCORM courses that are hard to read or need additional display area from the standard window.

If the popout is chosen, the pop-out can either attempt to maximize to fill the screen or be set to a specific dimension.  


Enable Certificate: Continu will generate a certificate for users who successfully complete the SCORM course.



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