Profiles allow for greater flexibility in permission management.

Creating Profiles in Continu allows Admins the ability to seamlessly manage access across all departments and teams within the organization.  By creating granular permissions, you can be assured that access is managed at all times, which further helps to reduce Admin tasks within Continu. 


Profiles is an add-on feature. If you'd like access to Profiles, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.


Here are a few examples of Profiles that can be created in Continu:

  • Admin Settings: The ability to provide administrator access to modify the Continu settings only

  • Admin Users: The ability for an Admin to manage users based on demographic values that are defined for them

  • Creator (Department Specific): The ability for a creator to view, create, manage only content that is applicable to a certain department(s) they have access to

To get started with Profiles, please find access to these additional resources:

Note, profiles can only be applied to admin and creator accounts to limit what permissions are available. Profiles do not grant permissions, and will not work when applied to User or External User accounts. Profiles can limit Creator Accounts, but will also not grant additional permissions to the account. 
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