The Workshop Engagement report provides a breakdown of the overall engagement of the active Workshops in Continu. This can be found in the Report view within the left hand navigation

This report is an effective way of measuring the overall engagement of all in person and virtual sessions that are being facilitated in the system.  This article will be focused on the Workshop engagement specific columns. For more information on learner participation please see The Workshop Status Report 

Workshop Engagement Report Columns:

Workshop ID: The internal Continu ID associated with a workshop. This ID will show up in the workshop's URL when the workshop is opened. 

Workshop Instance ID: The internal Continu ID associated with the specific Workshop date. 

Host Name: The user that is running the Workshop

Workshop Title: The title of the workshop the learner is attending. 

Workshop Start Date: The start date of the Workshop. Note this date is not necessarily the first date of the workshop if there are multiple dates.

Registration Disabled: Indicates if registration is active for this Workshop

Offered Seats: This identifies how many seats are available in the Workshops

Waitlist Enabled: Indicates if a Waitlist has been enabled

Waitlist Seats: Identifies how many seats are available on the waitlist

Registered Seats: This details how many learners have registered

Total Waiting: This identifies how many learners are currently on the waitlist

Canceled Registrations: Provides insights into learner cancellations

Total Attendees: Identifies how many learners attended the Workshop

Total Absentees: Provides insights for learners that failed to attend 

Workshop Archived: Indicates if this Workshop has been archived



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