The Content Completion report breaks down all content completions based on the report parameters. This article will focus on the columns that are unique to the Content Completion Report.

User Internal ID: Unique ID within the Continu platform.

User External ID: Same as Internal ID unless set differently from your Continu instance. For example, the learner's employee ID within your HR platform. 

First Name: First name of the User

Last Name: Last name of the User

Role: User role set for User

Email: User's email address

Image: Profile image URL of User

Language: Preferred Language selected

Job Title: Job title of the User

Location (1-3)

Department (1-3)





Is Manager: Yes/No value if User is toggled as a Manager or not

Manager Email: If User has a Manager, email of Manager

Is Collaborator: Yes/No value if User is toggled as a Collaborator

Last Login: Date/Time of User's last login

Hired Date: Date of hire of User

Content ID: Unique ID, helpful if you use the Continu API.

Content Title: Name of Content

Content Type: Identifies whether the content is an article, file, video, workshop, track, SCORM, or imported

URL: URL/Address of Content Completed

Created On: Date of Content Creation

Last Updated: Date which Content was last updated

Assigned to User: Yes/No value to indicate if content was Assigned to specific User or not

Content Started: Date/Time of Content Started

Content Completion time: Date/Time when Content was completed

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