The assessment report will provide a summary of the assessment taken by learners. It can be filtered by date, specific assessment, and learners. This report will help give a snapshot of each learner's passes, fails, and the number of attempts for each assessment.  

Note: If a learner has not yet opened the assessment, even if it is assigned to the learner, they will not appear on the Assessment Status Report.

The beginning of the report contains the learner information. The next set of columns will contain information on the assessments and the learner's attempts. For more information on what each of the learner columns contains, please see The User Management Report


Please note: The date range is not applicable for this report type.

Assessment Status Report Columns:

Assessment ID: The assessment's ID within Continu. This is the ID found in the assessment's URL. 

Assessment Title: The title of the assessment the learner has taken.

Assessment Status: The learner's status.

  • Passed - The assessment has been completed with a passing grade.
  • Not Passed - The learner has either not taken the assessment or failed this assessment on their last attempt.
  • In Progress (Awaiting Grade) - The learner has submitted the assessment and is waiting on grading from a manager or admin.

Assessment Attempts: The number of attempts the learner has taken on this assessment.

Assessment Score: The learner's score for this assessment.

Assessment Completed Date: The date the assessment was completed. This column will show N/A until the learner has passed the assessment.



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