Adding Zoom Meetings and Webinars To Workshops

If the Zoom Integration for Continu has been installed, you will be able to add Zoom Meetings and Webinars to your Workshops to run virtual training sessions. To get started with adding Zoom to your Workshops: 


1. Create a Date and Select "Online Workshop"

2. Select "Create a Zoom Meeting"

Please note - Your email address on Continu must match your email address on Zoom in order for you to have Zoom capabilities within Continu. If you can't see the Zoom options, please ensure your email address matches on both accounts.


3. You will now see the option to choose a Meeting or Webinar 

4. (Optional) You will also be able to select the following options:

    • Send Host Reminder: Sends a reminder to all hosts 5-minutes before the Workshop
    • Record My Zoom Meeting: Automatically enables recording of your Meeting/Webinar
    • Require Participant Login: Requires Learners to sign into Zoom
    • Create Alternative Hosts: Allows other users from your Zoom account to start the meeting. Please note - your Alternative Host(s) email addresses must match in your Zoom account in order for them to be available to you.


5. Once you’ve selected your desired settings proceed through the remainder of the Workshop setup process to create your Workshop (Images, Categories, Settings)

6. Now your learners will see the “Join Zoom Meeting” option when they register for your online Workshop

7. If you selected “Record My Zoom Meeting” option, learners will also be able to access the Zoom recording following the Workshop from within their Learner Dashboard



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