Departments in Continu are added to user profiles. They can then be used to search for users, define assignments, or segment content. Departments can have two levels of sub-departments below the parent department. 

Navigating To Departments

Adding Departments

Deleting Departments


Navigating To Departments 

To view Departments, click on the Admin tab at the top of the screen and navigate to the Settings Tab. Select Departments from the list of Settings options.  


Adding Departments

Adding a New Department

Step One: From the Departments page, press the Add a Department button


Step Two: Enter the name of the Department you'd like to add in the space provided and press the check mark to save the department


Adding a Sub-Department

Step One: Find the main department you would like to add a subdepartment to and press the Pencil Icon to open the menu, then press Add A sub-department


Step Two: Add the sub-department in the provided area and press the check mark to save


Deleting Departments

Step One: From the Departments Page, find the department you want to delete and press the Pencil Icon next to the name, then press Delete.


Step Two: Confirm you want to delete the department, or press cancel on the pop-up window. The window will show you any subdepartments you will be deleting with the chosen selection


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