Managing And Manually Completing Assignments

After content has been assigned, either through a manual assignment or through a workflow, admins and some managers can manage the assignment through manual interactions. These can be done from the Admin> Assignments menu or the learner's profile.  

Admin Assignments

Navigate to the Admin Menu and then press the assignments tab. A list of all assignments will be visible. Users can search the list for users or content.

Learner Profile

From the learner's profile menu, select the Assigned Content tab to view all assignments for the learner. 

Managing Assignments

Edit: Change the due date or escalation contacts for the assignment. If custom notifications have been added, you can also edit or remove these notifications. 

Remind User: Send a reminder to the learner that their assignment is still outstanding. 

Mark As Completed: Manually set the assignment's status to complete.

Note: User's with permissions to view reports can track manual assignment completions on the Assignment Summary Report

Remove Assignment: Removes the assignment from the Continu system for this learner.

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