Adding Custom Notifications to Workshops

Continu allows Admins and Creators to add custom notifications for Workshops, where these notifications can go out to learners or escalation contacts. These notifications can be used to notify the selected user when something is assigned, overdue, completed, or just as automatic reminders. 

Note: If you do not set up custom notifications, automatic notifications will still be sent when the assignment is created and completed. 

When creating a new Workshop, there will be a notification tab during the creation process. 

Step One: Once you've reached the Notification Tab, press the +Add Notification Button to open the notification editor screen.  


Step Two: Fill out the Schedule Page. This will determine when the Notification sends, and for what reason. 

  • Notification Name: Give your notification a name. Try to pick something that will be easy to remember if you need to find this notification to edit later
  • Timing - Choose the type of notification you're creating
    • Schedule Message - Will be able to send before or after the Workshop
    • Send on Registration - Notification will be sent upon a User first registering for the Workshop
  • Schedule
    • Select the time in hours or days (up to 90) before or after your workshop that your notification should send. 

    • Channels - You send your notification to any combination 
      • Email - Will send the selected Audience an email
      • Slack - Will send a slack message to the selected audience. A slack integration is required to use this channel
      • In App - The notification will be available from the audience's Notification Tab in their Continu Menu



Step Three: Edit the notifications for each of the channels you've selected. The emails notification will allow you to enter a sender name and create a subject. It will also allow for format editing and images similar to a normal email client.

The In App and Slack Notifications are limited to text. You can also include a link to the assigned content for the Slack notification if desired. 

There is a preview screen next to each channel's edit page to confirm the notification is appearing as desired.


Step 4: Press Create and your notification will be ready to trigger. 


Once the notification is created, you can edit or delete the notification using the icons found at the right hand side of the notification.  


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