Creating and Adding Iorad content in Continu

The Iorad Tutorial Builder allows users to capture step-by-step instructions in real time for training. 

Iorad is a paid expansion for Continu. If you would like to add Iorad to your instance of Continu, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.   

Creating Iorad Content

This guide will explore the basics in adding Iorad content within Continu. To see more in-depth instructions, please visit the Iorad Help Center

1. Ensure the Iorad Extension is installed on your browser. You will need an Iorad account to fully install the extension. 

The Extension should look like this: iorad_extension.png

2. Begin creating or editing an article within Continu

3. Select the Iorad icon from the Article Options


4. Add or create your Iorad content using the Iorad platform. 

Additional Support:

For more tips on Iorad basics, we recommend to check out Iorad's Quick Start Guide

For more general Iorad related resources, see the Iorad Help Center Page


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