Track Creation

  • It's important to note that Track segmentation should not be confused with Content segmentation. Therefore, it's crucial to double-check the Content segmentation.
    • For instance, applying segmentation to the Track itself will not override the individual Content segmentation within it. Make sure segmentation is established for all pieces of Content that users with access to the Track should have.
  • A best practice is to keep section summaries concise, ideally between 1-3 lines. If you need to provide more information to learners, consider including it in an article as part of the Track.
  • When creating a Learning Track, we recommend adding the first piece of Content, saving it, and then returning to edit it. This prevents accidental timeouts that would require you to restart your work. The Continu platform typically has a ~4-hour timeout period, although this may be affected by additional security measures implemented by your security team.

Track Editing

    • If a user completes a Track, and then the Track undergoes further editing, the user will not receive notifications and will not be able to continue their progress within the Track. We suggest sending out this Content separately to those users.

Track Duplication

  • Duplicating a Track does not duplicate the Content within it. The individual Content pieces will still be shared, whether they are used independently or as part of another Track. This means that any updates made to individual Content pieces will propagate to all Tracks that include that Content.
    • If you want Content to act independently, we recommend duplicating the individual Content pieces first and then adding them to subsequent Tracks.
  • When you add an existing Assessment to a Track, it creates a duplicate Assessment specific to that Track. This is an intentional feature that allows you to track Assessments both when they are included as part of a Track and when they stand alone, helping you gauge their effectiveness. To avoid duplicating Assessments, we recommend creating them directly within the Track.

Track Reporting

  • Are you looking for Track-specific data? You can access a Track Digest report by clicking the Analytics "Three bar" icon next to the Track in your Content view. This report will display individual completions of the Content that resides within the Track.


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