There may be times where you need to retire old content, but would still like to revisit the content if need be. Below are steps on how to Archive and Unarchive content. 

Archive Content

Unarchive Content

Archive Content: 

1. Navigate to Create > Content from the left hand navigation

create content.png

2. Search for or browse to find the content you wish to Archive. Press the toggle next to the content name. 


3. Press the Archive button at the top of the content section to archive the content. 

Content is not deleted in Continu. The archived content will not be visible to any users while archived, but can be unarchived to retrieve in the future.

archive me.png

Once clicked, a pop up will appear. Click Archive to confirm.

are you sure.png


Unarchive Content: 

1. Navigate to Create>Content from the navigation Panel

create content.png

2. Click on the Archived tab in the content section to find all archived content.

archived button.png

3. Check the toggle on the left of the related Content. Once checked, an Unarchive button will appear at the top of the content section. Click this to remove the content from the Archive and return it available content.


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