Accessing Your Continu Support Tickets From The Help Center

Continu users who open support tickets can view all of their tickets in the Continu Help Center with a free account. The following instructions show how to create an account and access open tickets. 

Creating An Account

Navigating Your Help Center Profile

Creating An Account

Step One: Navigate to

Step Two: In the upper right-hand Corner, press the Sign In Button

sign in.png

Step Three: If you've emailed us before, press the Get A Password button. If you've never opened a support ticket with Continu, but you'd like to create an account for future use, press Sign Up. 


Steph Four: Enter your email and any other requested information. An email will be sent to you to confirm your account and create a password. 

We recommend using the same email you use to login to Continu, but please be aware that the help center password is separate from your Continu login.

Step Five: Sign in with your email and created password. 

Navigating Your Help Center Profile

Press your user name to open a dropdown, and select My Activities to view your open tickets. 

my activities.png

My Requests

My Requests will show tickets you have personally opened

Requests I'm CC'd On

The Requests I'm CC'd on tab will show you tickets that you are added as a CC on

Organization requests

If you are granted access to Organization Requests, you can view all tickets opened by all users within your organization. 

Access to Organization requests must be approved by the stakeholders within your Organization. If you believe you should have access to this feature, please ask your stakeholder to make the request to update your account directly.

Search and Filters

my activities yeah.png

Utilize the search and filters options to find tickets by title or status. You can always review closed tickets as well those that are open or awaiting your reply. 

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