Continu can only be supported on operating systems and browsers actively supported by the creator. If you are running Continu on an out-of-date operating system or browser, you may experience errors. Continu cannot troubleshoot and resolve any errors until the computer is updated to a current Operating System and/or Browser. 

Browsers should be up to date. If you're running into issues with Continu please check your browser's latest version and ensure you are up to date. 

Supported Operating Systems

Windows Supported OS Apple Supported OS

Windows 11

Mac OS 14 Sonoma
Windows 10 Mac OS 13 Ventura
  Mac OS 12 Monterey


Supported Browers

Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari


  Recommended Internet Speed

For the optimal experience, Continu recommends the following minimum upload and download speeds. Minimum upload speeds are only necessary for admins uploading content, and customers utilizing video and file upload assessments.

Download: 10 mbps

Upload: 5 mbps

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