My Learning Track shows incomplete when each individual piece of content is complete

There are a few things to check when a learning track is showing incomplete, but each individual lesson within the track is marked as complete.  
Step One: Double check every lesson is marked complete on the learner's side. Is there a green check mark next to each individual lesson in the learning track?
Next, a manager or admin should be able to download the learning track digest from the track analytics page. It should provide a list of all content that has and has not been completed for the track. Please let us know if anything is showing incomplete on the digest but has a checkmark on the user’s page. If possible, please provide screenshots from the user page as well.
Step Two: Check if the learning track was updated while learners had begun but not yet completed the track. Adding or removing content mid track can disrupt the learners completion status. Continu recommends never updating a track while learners are within it. The best practice would be to duplicate the existing track and make updates to the duplicate, and assign any new content to learners who are mid track ad hoc. Check with your company's learning team to see if content was added or removed to the Learning Track while it was in progress.
Step Three: If there are SCORM files on the learning track, these may be marked as done, but not complete. Some SCORM files have multiple levels of reporting. You’ll need to check with the SCORM developer what the completion action is. Usually it is either taking a test or pressing a certain button like an or a Done toggle. Keep in mind the completion action may be something besides these options. The best bet is to reach out to the developer who created the SCORM file to ask what steps must be taken to report completion. Pressing the Next button within Continu can skip this step and the SCORM file will fail to report completion even though the end of the file has been reached. 
Step Four: There are a few things that can affect reporting outside of the file itself. VPNs have interrupted reporting before. If you’re on a VPN and can attempt to run through the completion steps again outside of the VPN, give that a try. There are also some browser plugins that may cause interruptions. Please attempt to re-complete any lessons that are not reporting completion on a different browser. It might be best to reach out to your IT for help with these.
If none of the troubleshooting steps above helped please reach out to Support and include the following:
  • Which lesson or lessons are not showing as complete
  • Screenshots showing the lessons marked completed on the learner’s side
  • Have other learners completed this track without issue, or is this problem affecting all learners within this track
  • What is the completion criteria for the SCORM files if any
  • Which browser or browsers has the learner used
  • Is the learner using a VPN 



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