When creating a learner's account, you can define permission by assigning User Roles. 


The standard role for most learners. Learners with the User role are able to view, share, and like content and learning tracks.   


Full access to Continu. Can add and edit all content types, create assignments, view analytics, create workshops, and manage users. If you have the Profiles add-on enabled you can limit an admin's permissions by applying profiles to their account. 


Creator accounts have all the permissions of the User role, and can also add content, workshops, external content, and learning tracks as well create workflows and assignments. 

External User (optional):

The External User role is used to limit access within Continu. Accounts with the External User role can only view content, workshops, and learning tracks that have been specifically segmented to them.

External User is an add-on feature. If you'd like access to External Users, please reach out to our Customer Success Manager



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