Banner and Cover Images: Photo Editor and Best Practices

Photo Editor

There are several options that can be utilized to edit your image within Continu. 

image 1.png

Option One: Crop the image by selecting the one of the preset options or a custom option. Use the boundary guides to make additional adjustments. When you are finished, click apply to save changes.


Option Two: Flip the image either horizontally or vertically. Click the Save button to lock in changes.

image 3.png

Option Three: Rotate the image using the slider. Click the Save button to lock in changes.

image 4.png

Option Four: Enhance the image by selecting from the advanced editing options.

image 5.png

You will see a preview of your changes in real-time. Click Save to lock in changes.


Use undo, redo, and reset if needed.

image 6.png

When all editing options are set, click Save to ensure all edits are saved.

image 7.png

Image Resolution Best Practices

Cover & Banner Images:

  • High res images (300dpi)
  • .png file format (will replicate and load accurately for all internet connections)
  • A template size to follow would be nothing less than 1850x650 pixel dimensions




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