Step 1: Within content Settings, enable Ratings to start collecting feedback 



Step 2: Select Allow Feedback, to collect additional insights



Step 3: Select Notify Contact of Feedback to allow yourself or others to receive feedback



Step 4: Search and add Feedback Contacts, (you can add or remove contacts at anytime by navigating back to this area)



Step 5: Select Show Average Rating on Explore, to display real time ratings to other learners



Step 6: If applicable, share feedback directly in any Slack Channel. Search the appropriate channel(s) and add them as needed.**

Note: The Continubot will need to be added to the Slack channel(s) in order for notifications to be visible


** If the ability to search Slack Channels is unavailable, the Slack application will need to be updated:


Step 1: Navigate to Admin>Integrations


Step 2: Select Slack integration

Step 3: Click on the Add to Slack button.



Note: A Slack Administrator will be required to enter their credentials in order to update the application



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