What is SCORM?

SCORM is a set of technical standards for eLearning products. It provides the communication method and data models that allow eLearning content and LMSs to work together. It tells programmers how to write code so that what they build will “play well” with other eLearning software.  

What version(s) of SCORM do you support?

Continu supports SCORM 1.2, 2004 (Editions 1-4). For best results, we recommend SCORM 2004, as it is the most up to date version of SCORM available.

Please note: SCORM technology is an old standard, with the last official update performed in 2004. A good analogy is to consider SCORM as an old engine inside a new car. It will still perform, but its results will vary and can be unreliable at times.

Is SCORM native or third-party content once it is uploaded to Continu?

SCORM is considered third-party content, as it has been created outside of Continu and all components for running and managing the reporting of the course are created by an eLearning builder.

What is the difference between a SCORM course and a Learning Track?

SCORM courses are built outside of Continu by using an eLearning course builder. A Learning Track in Continu provides you with the ability to build your training directly within the system and ensures a native experience for your learners.

What browsers work well with SCORM content?

SCORM works well on all up-to-date browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox & Microsoft Edge. Please note, as Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft, we would not recommend using this browser, as SCORM courses may not perform as expected.

My company accesses Continu via a VPN, will this cause issues with SCORM?

It may cause issues with playback and completion reporting.  We recommend reaching out to your IT department or testing your SCORM courses behind the VPN before launching your training, to confirm the course responds as expected.

Can you recommend an eLearning builder that we should use if we want to build courses outside of Continu?

As eLearning software providers will have their own licensing costs associated, we can't recommend which provider will be the best for your needs.  We would recommend that you ask for a trial from any providers that you are looking to purchase from and test the functionality and reporting capabilities, before making a final purchase. 

How is SCORM reporting handled in Continu?

Continu is the playback method for SCORM, as such, we don't manage or control the reporting that is sent to the system.  We would recommend that if you are building your own SCORM courses, that completion tracking is always enabled. If working with a training provider, ask that they confirm their reporting structure, to ensure this is always enabled with the courses they provide.

Will we receive real-time reporting?

This is completely dependent on what was enabled when the SCORM course was created. We recommend confirming this information with your eLearning builder or provider.

Please note: some eLearning builders will only provide a single event response and will not provide multiple activity responses as learners complete their training. You may only receive a learner record when they complete the course. 

Is a percentage of completion available? 

If the course has been built with multi-event responses then you can expect to receive a completion percentage for SCORM courses. We recommend confirming this with your eLearning software provider or training vendor.

Will we be able to see any quiz scores in the reporting?

If there are quizzes within the SCORM course and this information is being measured within the reporting, then you can expect this to be available within Continu.

What do the status values mean in the report mean?

These results can vary and are itemized in the following ways:

Incomplete/Completed: This course didn't contain an exam that required passing.
Passed/Failed: This course contained an exam that was required to be passed.

Why is the Time Spent value unknown or not accurate?

An unknown value can mean that the SCORM file is only tracking time spent when the learner has completed the course. If the time spent doesn't appear to be accurate then this could be an overall issue with the reporting, (the course may not be tracking reporting or not measuring learning activity).

The course will not mark completion, what do we do?

We recommend reaching out to your training provider or reviewing the SCORM file if it was built inhouse and confirming if completion was enabled. If not, you can either upload an amended file, or you can manually mark learner completion. 

Please note: if the ability to track learner completion is critical for your training initiatives, then we recommend testing the course before full rollout. Continu does not control the reporting capabilities of SCORM courses, so this will need to be resolved within the SCORM file if it is not performing as expected.

Can we assign SCORM courses in Continu?

Yes, we provide the ability for you to assign SCORM courses as you would do with any other native content in Continu.

Can we segment SCORM courses in Continu?

Yes, we provide the ability for you to segment SCORM courses as you would do with any other native content in Continu.

We have purchased a set limit of licenses from our SCORM provider, how is this handled in Continu?

If the training provider has set a limit to how many learners can access the courses, then it will be honored within Continu. The training provider might implement a warning or notification when the limit has been met and this is not a Continu error message.  We recommend monitoring the reporting of courses such as these, to ensure that learners will always have access as needed.

We are receiving a SCORM limit notification in Continu, what does this mean?

Based on your Continu user seat license, will also include a separate SCORM user license. If you are approaching or have exceeded this license limit, you will receive a message when accessing any SCORM content or when navigating to the Admin area in Continu.  Please contact our Sales team to purchase additional licenses. 




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