Please Note: Continu will log you out automatically after 4 hours of idle time, and text editing does not reset this time. Please save often, especially if you plan to step away from your computer 


Step One: Click Create within the left hand Navigation, then Content


Step Two: Click on the Add Content icon and then select the Article option

Tip: Hover over the icons to see their type.


Step Three: Add in information for the title and author of your article. You can then complete the article in the Article Content field below. 

Step Four: Edit content by selecting any icon above in the article editor. Articles can include embedded images and videos, links, tables, and more. 

Troubleshooting tip: When possible, building your article within Continu will yield the best results. However, the article builder allows for copying and pasting of content from another editor. A common error when copying text created in a different article builder or Word document is that the formatting isn't compatible with Continu. To clear most issues, highlight the text and select the Clear All Formatting icon.

Step Five: Add tag(s) to your content. Click the Add button or hit the enter key to add tags. Click next at the top of the screen to continue.


Step Six: Add Banner and Cover images to your article. See Banner and Cover Images: Photo Editor and Best Practices for instructions on adding images. 

Step Seven: Optional - Select the category or categories you would like your article to appear in on the Explore Menu.

Step Eight: Edit your settings. See Editing your Settings for more information on the Settings Menu.

Step Nine: Click the Publish button to complete.

Note: At any time you can preview the article by clicking on the Preview icon at the top of the page.


Note: At any time you can preview the article by clicking on the Preview icon at the top of the page.


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