Continu Articles: Using the Advanced Editor Tools

Adding Emoji's

Insert emoji's into your articles by clicking on the Emoji icon 

Changing Text Color

Change text color by clicking on the Color icon. Further customize text color by adding any Hex color code

Insert Links

Select the text that requires a link, then click on the Link icon. (Links can either open within the same window or open in a new tab)

Insert Images

Click on the Image icon to insert images to Articles. Choose from either an image upload or link (image size cannot exceed 10mb)

Insert Videos

Click on the Video icon to insert images to Articles. Videos can be uploaded via link, embedded code or upload (video size cannot exceed 1GB)

Insert Files

Click on the More Rich icon, followed by Upload Files to insert files (PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel & Powerpoint) to Articles

Insert Table

Click on the Table icon to insert tables to Articles

Wrap Text around Images

Step One:  Click on the image that requires text wrapping

Step Two: Click on the Text Wrap icon

Step Three: Click Inline to create the text wrap

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