Add Files Content (Powerpoint, PDF, etc.)

Please note: supported documents include .doc .pdf, .xls, and .ppt

1. Click Create from the left hand navigation, then Content

create content.png

2. Click on the Add Content icon and choose the File option

add file.gif

3. Click on the upload a file button or select the embed external content to embed a webpage or iframe. Select the file or paste the embed URL.

If you have Iorad for Continu, you can also add an Iorad tutorial as a file. 

add file type.png

4. Add a title, author, and description. You may also add tags if you like. Press next to continue. 

5. You can add a Cover Image to the File using the Banner and Cover Images: Photo Editor and Best Practices instructions.

6. You can add this content to any categories you'd like on the categories page. 

7.  Edit your settings. See Editing your Settings for more information on the Settings Menu, then click next to preview the file. 

8. You can view a preview of your file before publishing. Press publish to complete creation of your file type content. 

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