While running through training on Continu, you may come across video content. Videos may display slightly differently depending on how they're added. Creators can add videos by uploading from their computer, or by adding a link from a hosted video on sites like Youtube or Vimeo. 


The top of the video content page will have the name of the author/presenter for this video. 

Average Time To Complete

This section will show learners the average time it takes to finish the video. 


The star rating according to learners like you at your organization. Note that admins and creators may not allow ratings for all content. 


The title of the video.


Here you can watch the video. Press play to start. Controls vary depending on how the video was added to Continu. Youtube and Vimeo controls are found within the settings menu. Uploaded videos need to be viewed in full screen in order to access all the available controls, like playback speed.  


A description or summary of the video on this page. 


If your admins allow for feedback, you can provide a star rating for the video at the bottom of the page. 

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