When learners log into Continu, they will land on the Explore Menu. The Explore Menu will link learners to all the content that their company's admins have made available for them.  

From this page, learners can browse through trainings and workshops they may find interesting and complete them at their own pace.   

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is found on the left-hand side of the Explore Page. This bar is found on every page within Continu, and can help you navigate to any page within Continu. Standard users will have access to the Explore and Dashboard menus through the Navigation Bar. 

Depending on your role, you may also have access to the Manager, Create, Share, Connect, and Admin links as well. 



Continu allows admins and creators the ability to sort training content by category. As a learner, you can use the category options to browse through different types of training as defined by your organization. 

Some categories may also be further divided by Topic. Use the Topic Dropdown to narrow your results while browsing categories. 


Selecting Content

Clicking on content will open that training up for the learner. You can see what kind of training (article, video, workshops, assessment, scorm, learning track) by the symbol on the card. 

Content Search Bar

If you know the name or a keyword of the content you're looking for, you can use the content search bar to quickly find that content and open it. 

You can also search by Content Type. For instance, you can search for all articles, or all videos. 

You can also search a content type, as well as a keyword. If you wanted to find all videos related to the search term Leadership, you can add both a content type (videos) and keyword (leadership) search. This search would only show you videos that matched your keyword search. 


People Search

Click the people search icon to see your coworker's profile pages. Learners can browse through, or search by name, department, location, or skills. If your organization utilizes skills on profiles, you can find coworkers by their skills when you need some mentorship or assistance in that field. 


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