The Dashboard allows learners to track all of their content within Continu. From here they can access :

  • Assignments - Content that has been assigned to the learner to complete by a Manager or Admin. They can toggle between open and completed assignments. 
  • Learning Tracks - Collections of content the learner has started or completed.
  • Workshops - Find any workshops the learner has registered for, and revisit recordings of any workshops they've already attended that were recorded.
  • External Courses (If available) - Track the learner's courses on LinkedIn Learning or Udemy.
  • Certificates - Keep track of all certificates the learner has completed within Continu in one place.  


The My Activity tab will provide a history of learners' recent activities, including courses they have started and completed. 

The Edit Profile button will allow learners to make changes to some aspects of their profiles and upload an avatar image for their profile.


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