Journeys can be assigned to learners from either the Assignment Page, or from a Workflow. Also, they do not appear on the Explore Page. Learners cannot begin a Journey until is assigned to them.

Journeys do not appear on a user's assignment report.    

To track a learner's Journey progress, view the articles for Tracking Journeys For Admins and Tracking Journeys For Managers

Assigning via Assignments

Assigning via Workflow

Assigning via Assignments

1. Via the left hand navigation, click on Share then Assignments.

2. Click Create Assignment at the top right of the page

3. Search for the Journey name, and select the box on the left. Click Next

4. Search for the name(s) you would like the Journey to Assign to, and select the box/boxes on the left hand side of the name. Click Next

5. Adjust Assignment settings and Notifications in the following pages. See the guide Creating An Assignment for a breakdown on how to set these up.

6.  Preview to make sure everything is set up appropriately, and click Confirm Assignment 

Assigning via Workflow

For more details on Assigning via a Workflow, please see the Creating a Workflow guide.


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