The Admin Overview within Continu includes a number of dashboards to help provide quick insights into how your users are utilizing Continu. To view the Learner Dashboards, select the Admin option from the menu bar to navigate to the Admin Overview page.  

Assignment Dashboards

Workflow Dashboards

General Dashboards

Assignment Dashboards

Many of our dashboards utilize a stacking method. The graph shows the total of all categories at the top of each data point, while each individual category is stacked upon one another. You can always hover over each data point to see a complete breakdown of totals.

Content Completions

The content completion dashboard will show how both assigned and unassigned completed content. This dashboard can give insight into how often users are utilizing the explore option to seek out learning on their own without waiting for it to be assigned. 


Assignment Completions

This dashboard breaks down assignment completion status for time frames. It breaks down assignments as:

Completed On Time

Completed Overdue


Open Overdue

These totals are divided up by the number of days since the content was assigned. Hover over each date range to see the total numbers in each category.


Assignment Breakdown

The Assignment Breakdown shows how many assignments went out on dates in a given timeframe, and separated these by Manual versus Workflow assignments. Hover over a date to see the see the totals for each category.


Workflow Dashboards

Workflow Activity

The Workflow Activity dashboard provides a heatmap of when Workflows have been triggered. The darker the box, the more workflows. Hover over any given box to see the exact number of workflows triggered for that date. 


Workflow Types

This dashboard shows which Workflow Audience Types trigger in a given time frame. Hover over each date for a full breakdown. 


Top Workflows

The Top Workflows dashboard shows the top 5 most triggered workflows for a given period of time, and how many times each was triggered. Hover over a date for a full breakdown of how many times each workflow was triggered. 


General Dashboards

Seat Utilization

The Seat Utilization dashboard gives a quick snapshot into how many seats are available, as well as how many are being used, broken down by User Role. This dashboard can help you see when you may need to add seats if you're running low. Hover over each category to see the total number. 


Workshop Engagement

The Workshop Engagement Dashboard shows the monthly totals for how many users registered, attended, missed, canceled, or joined the waitlist for workshops within your organization. Hover over each month to see the totals for each category.  


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