Continu Content Icons and Information

The Continu platform is designed to be intuitive with design and layout elements carrying throughout the platform for familiarity and ease of use.

A few of the elements you will quick become accustomed to are the following:

Info: Clicking the info icon will take you into the analytics and reporting for the particular piece of content.

View: Clicking view will take you to the actual piece of content. A great way to see what it looks like to learners.

Title: Clicking title will take you to the editor for the piece of content. 

On Explore: Green means that learners can find this content on Explore. This is controlled in the settings for each piece of content.  

Published: Green means the content is live. Unpublished content will be red.

Note: Collaborators do not have publishing rights.

Type: Each type of content has a unique icon. For a full list of all icons, click here.

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