This guide is for building out workflows using the Groups feature. Please follow this link for the Standard Workflows guide.  

Step One: Click on Share > Workflows in the left hand navigation


Step Two: Click on + Add a Workflow.

Step Three:
First we'll need to define the audience for the workflow. 

Click Next once the audience is defined.

Step Four: Define additional criteria for the audience. This is where the new Groups functions will come into play, located in the Is Added To Criteria section. 


Start by adding one or more of your predefined Groups. In this example, we are adding two different groups already in our instance.

(Optional) Use the Match All Groups radio button to have the system ensure that a user will have to be part of all of the entered groups for the workflow to trigger.


Step Five: Optionally, there are further Advanced Group Matching Options available


Options available:


Users will need to match both the Group(s) above and the values added below: Use this to add additional granularity to the workflow.

A user must be associated with ALL values below: Use this to quickly select all the fields at once.


Step Six: Click Next to continue to the next step

Step Seven:
Select the content to assign or share. Assign when there is an expectation for completion and allows for due dates and notifications to be set. Share is best when there isn't an expectation of completion. When sharing the content is not added to the learner's dashboard


Note: A Workflow can contain assigned, shared, or both types of content. If assigning more than one piece of content, all of the pieces of content will need to be completed for the Assignment to be considered finished.


Click Next when ready to move to the next step

Step Eight: Name the Workflow and set a due date if applicable



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