This guide will help you create and publish new workflows within Continu.

Step One: Click Share on the left hand navigation


Step Two: Navigate to the Workflow section


Step Three: Click on the Add a Workflow button


Step Four: Select the Audience that best suits your Workflow.

Note: Selecting any option will provide further information, to assist in choosing the right Workflow. Please see our Workflow Audience Trigger Guide for more information.

Press Next once you've selected the Audience.


Step Five: Select the additional Criteria that is needed to trigger your Workflow (Note: This step can be skipped, if not required) 

There are three Criteria sections:

Is Associated With: This workflow will trigger for the user who is already affiliated with a Department, Group, Etc. 

Is Added to: The workflow will trigger when users are added to a particular Department, Group, Etc.

Hired Range: The workflow will trigger when users are hired today, 30 days ago, within the last specified days, or a specified amount of days ago.

The Criteria section "Is Added To" will only show as an option when either the Audiences “A User is Updated” and “A User is Created and Updated” is selected beforehand.

Press Next once you've selected your Criteria.


For more information on setting up Group Criteria, please see the Group Workflows guide.

Step Six: To Assign content, search for the content and select it. Assigned content will show up as a required assignment for the learner, and can be given Due Dates. 

Note: Any content created within Continu can be assigned from a workflow, including workshops and assessments.

Step Seven: To Share content, search for the content and select it. Shared Content will be sent to the learner, but will not be a required assignment and cannot be given a due date. 


Step Eight: Create a name for your workflow. This name will appear on the Workflow Admin Page if you need to edit, activate, or deactivate the workflow. 

Step Nine: If you've created an assignment, you can set a Due Date by toggling the Set A Due Date Button on. This due date will be from the time the Assignment is created. 
Note: The Due Date cannot be 0. It must be 1 day or higher.


Step Ten: If you'd prefer, you can set your due Date based on the learner's Hired Date rather than the assignment Date. To do so, select the Due from Hired Date toggle.
If the Learner does not have a Hired Date on their account, the due date will default to the standard Due Date.


You can choose if you'd like to enable Recompletions or not with the Require Unique Completions Toggle. Enabling this toggle will allow the workflow to assign content that has been previously completed by the user. 

workflow unique.png

Step Eleven: You Can add Escalation contacts to receive notifications for this assignment. 
  • Escalate to Manager: This toggle will allow notifications to send to the Assignee's Manager
  • Escalate to Buddy: This toggle will allow notifications to send to the Assignee's Manager
  • Add Escalation Contacts: This option will allow notifications to be sent to any user within Continu. When selected, an option will appear to search for Escalation Contacts
Press Next once you've completed this page.
Step Twelve: Adding Notifications. You can add notifications from this page. See Adding Custom Notifications to Assignments and Workflows for more information on how to add notifications.
Once you've completed adding Notifications, Press Create to create your workflow.
Important: The Workflow is not yet Active! You Must activate the workflow before it can trigger.

Step Thirteen: To activate your Workflow click the Pencil icon. Click on the Activate link to Activate your Workflow. 



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