Learn how to setup graders for each Assessment (Video & Text)

Within an Assessment's settings, you will see several options on how you can enable to setup up graders for an Assessment.  

Manager Grading

Notify Manger of Grading

Allow Buddy Grading

Assign Graders

Manager Grading

To utilize this option, you will need to ensure that all Managers have been set up within Continu.  

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Notify Managers of Grading

Selecting this option ensures that Managers will be notified (via Email or Slack) if there is an Assessment ready for grading.

notify manager.png

Allow Buddy Grading

To utilize this option, you will need to ensure that a learner(s) buddy has been set up within Continu. 

Same with Manager above, select Notify Buddy of Grading so they will be sent a notification that an assessment is ready for grading.

allow buddy.png

Assign Graders

As well as the option to allow for Managers or Buddies to grade, you can also sssign other users to grade assessments.

1. Click + Add Graders.


2. Search for the Grader that needs to be assigned to this Assessment. (You can search by Name, Department, Location, Team, etc). Once the user(s) is found, click the + icon to the right to add them. Add as many graders as needed.


To remove a grader, click the red trash can icon to the right of the User's name.




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