Setting Up Single Sign On via Okta

Step One: From within the Okta admin view, select the Applications tab and click Create App Integration

Okta_integration_2-1.pngStep Two: Select the SAML 2.0 option then click Next.

Step Three: Select a name for your application. (This will be the name that appears to your users.) If you’d like, upload a logo from your file system by clicking browse, then click ‘Upload Logo’ to confirm. (This is the logo your users will associate with the app). When finished, click the green ‘next’ to continue.


Step Four: In the Single sign on URL box, type the URL for your instance followed by /saml/consume. Visit your instance of Continu to verify the correct URL and be sure to use the secure protocol (https) (e.g. -

Under Audience URL enter the URL for your instance followed by /saml/sp. (e.g. - The remaining field can be left untouched.


Step Five: In the Attribute Statements section, you will need to click ‘Add Another’ twice for a total of 3 field options. In the first field, type nameID in the name field, and select from the value dropdown.


Step Six: Continue filling out the attributes as shown below. Please be sure to use proper casing in the name fields.

Okta_Integration_7.pngStep Seven:  The remaining fields can be left untouched. Click Next to continue.
Okta_Integration_8.pngStep Eight: Select the top option as shown below and click ‘Finish’. All fields below this are optional.

Step Nine: On the next page, right click Identity Provider metadata.


Step Ten: Click Save As or Save Link As (depending on the browser).

Note: by default, the file downloads with the filename "metadata" and no file extension.  You will need to change the filename to "metadata.xml" in order to upload it to Continu.


Step Eleven: Log into you instance of Continu and navigate to the Admin>Integrations page. Select SAML from the integrations list. Click on Upload XML Metadata. Select the metadata.xml file. Click Submit when complete.


If successful, a blue success box will appear. For help with any of the additional settings or if there is an error, reach out to your Okta administrator.


Step Twelve: The app is now integrated with Continu. To make it available to your users, you will need to go back to your Okta admin console and select the People tab and assign it to the users you would like to provide access to. 



For more information on Okta, please see Okta Support.

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