Creating a Video Coaching Assessment

Note: Video Coaching is an add-on feature to Continu. If you are an admin and don't see video coaching, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Sales Rep.)

Step One: Navigate to Admin > Assessments > Add an Assessment. Select Video Coaching and click next to begin building the assessment.


Step Two:Complete the Title, Author name, and description of the Assessment. 


Step Three: Add Tags to the Assessment (optional) and click Next.


Step Four: Complete the video prompt question.


Step Five: Decide if this Assessment will be utilizing Grading Criteria or an Overall Points Value. (For this Assessment, we will utilize Grading Criteria).


Step Six: Enter the Criteria Name, Description, and set the overall points for each. Use the + Add Grading Criteria button to add additional criteria. 


Step Seven: Select the Web Cam Video option under Recording Type.

Note: Currently Google has stopped supporting Screen Recording with Voiceover.


Step Eight: Select the Recording Limit (1 - 30 minutes).


Step Nine: Select how many attempts a learner has to complete the Assessment. (up to eight attempts)Video_Coaching_New_8.png

Step Ten: Select whether to allow the learner to select from their various attempts and choose the best one.


Step Eleven: Select whether to allow learners to upload pre-recorded video from their computer.

Video_Coaching_New_10.pngStep Twelve: Enter grader instructions if applicable then click Next.


Step Thirteen: Decide if learners will see their completed grade (For this Assessment this option will be selected).


Step Fourteen: Decide if learners will see correct answers after failing an attempt.

Tip: We recommend only enabling this if the assessment is informal.


Step Fifteen: Set minimum passing grade.

Tip: For informal assessments where a passing grade isn't necessary, select 0%.


Step Sixteen: Decide if learners will be able to retake the assessment if the passing grade is not met. One to Five attempts or unlimited. (For more information on the settings for Video Assessments, please view this support doc)
Step Seventeen: Enable Completion Certificate if the learner will earn a certificate for passing assessment. Great for encouraging completion. 
Step Eighteen: Set the Graders for the assessment if applicable. (For more information on setting up Grading for Assessments, please view this support doc).

Step Nineteen: Click the Next button to Preview the Assessment.


Step Twenty: Click the Create button to create the Assessment. Your new assessment is ready for distribution to your learners!




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