Creating Surveys

Editing Surveys

Creating Surveys

Step One: Use the navigation sidebar to find the Create>Surveys page. Press the +Add Survey button to create a new survey 


Step Two: Add a title and short description for your survey. The title and description will both be visible from the Survey home page. Press Next to continue to questions.


Step Three: Add and edit up to three questions for the survey. See the article Adding Questions To Surveys for more information on the questions and their types. Press next to move on to selecting content. 

Step Four: Search for content to attach this survey to. You can add a single survey to multiple pieces of content if desired. This step can also be skipped and edited later, or the saved survey can be added directly to content in the Content Settings

A survey can be attached to multiple pieces of content, but each piece of content can only have a single survey attached. If the content you search for does not appear in the search menu, the content may already have a survey attached. 

Step Five: Press Create to save the survey.

Editing Surveys

Step one: To edit a survey, search or browse for the survey from the Admin>Survey main page. Click on the title of the survey you want to edit. 

Step Two: Edit the title, questions, or attached content from the menu. See the survey creation instructions above for more info. 

Step Three: Press the update button to save your settings. 

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