This guide will provide details on the different question types found in surveys, and how to add and edit the questions. Each survey created in Continu can contain up to three questions. These questions can be of any of the following question types. 

Question Types

Adding And Editing Questions 

Question Types


Radiogroup questions are multiple-choice questions in which the learner can only provide a single answer.  



The checkbox question type is a multi-choice and multi-select question type. Learners can select as many answers as they would like. There is an optional Select All box to toggle all checkboxes at once, and an optional None box to give no answer. There is also an "other" option that allows learners to enter a short custom response.  



The comment question type allows learners to type out longer answers as a response to the question.


Adding And Editing Questions

Adding Questions

When Creating And Editing Surveys, questions can be added from the left side of the Designer page. Click on the icon of the question type you would like to add. Hover over each icon to see the question type. 

You can also press the Add Question button to add a new question. This will always default to the Radiogroup question type, but you can change any question type by selecting the down arrow at the bottom of the question editor and choosing the desired type. 

After a question has been added, the question can also be duplicated using the Duplicate button. Answers will be duplicated in the new question, but not the question title. Both the answers and title can be edited after duplication. 


Editing Questions

Once a question is added it can be edited in the designer window.

Question Title

The question title shows what the learner will see when they take the survey. Click anywhere in the text of the question title to change it. 


For Radiogroup and Checkbox questions, you can add or remove answers using the + and - icons. Each question can contain up to 10 answers. 

Standard answers are listed as "Item 1", "item 2", etc. Click the text to edit the copy for each answer.

Questions can be rearranged by hovering over and selecting the arrangement icon (six dots) to the left of the question. 

Besides the standard answer options, there are also a few extra options available:

Note that these extra question options cannot be rearranged.

None: Adding the None option to your Radiogroup or Checkbox questions allows the learner the option to select none of the offered choices. The copy for this question can be edited. 

Other (Describe): The Other option on Radiogroup and Checkbox questions opens a text box and allows learners to write their own short answers to the question. The copy for this question can be edited.

Select All: The Select All Option appears on the Checkbox question type. This option will toggle each checkbox for the question. The copy for this question can be edited. 


Make Required

To make a question required, toggle the Make Required switch on. Learners will not be able to submit the survey without answering the required questions.


Change Question Type

The dropdown on the bottom left of the question box allows you to change the question type to any of the three available question types. 


Deleting Questions

If you would like to delete a question, press the Delete button on the bottom right of the question box.  


Please note, if a question is fully deleted, the question's answers will also be removed. If you want to retain this information, consider building a new survey rather than deleting questions from an existing survey.


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