Setting Up The Salesforce Integration With Continu

This guide will walk you through the steps to set up and configure the Salesforce App with Continu. 

Installing The Continu Salesforce App

Viewing And Reporting

Uninstalling The Continu Salesforce App

Installing the App


The Domain in the org must be enabled, please see this link to view the article on enabling My Domain in your Salesforce org.

If you get the beta version of the App you must enable “Metadata deploy by Apex from non-certified Apex package version” by going to Setup > Apex Settings otherwise skip this step.

Obtaining The App

The Continu App can be installed from a URL provided by Salesforce. Reach out to your Continu CSM who will be able to obtain and provide the URL to your organization. 

Install Screen

Once the URL is obtained, navigate to this page to install the Continu App to your Salesforce instance. It is suggested to install the app for Salesforce administrator only so you can manage the permission assignment properly after installation.


Accessing the App

The app provides two main Salesforce applications:


This is the main application for the system administrator to manage the app configuration


This is the application the system administrator can assign to users who should have access to view data from Continu.

Please note, the integration is only designed to synchronize learning data for licensed Salesforce users, which will typically be your internal revenue teams. Users without an active Salesforce license will not be able to access the app or the additional reporting features.

Permission Sets

The app provides two permission sets to provision the app to users in Salesforce.


This permission set gives the assigning user access to configure the app settings.
Note: It is advisable that you only assign this permission set to administrators or users granted the below permissions.

  • API Enabled
  • Modify Metadata through Metadate API


This permission set allows users to access the Continu Data tabs within Salesforce


Welcome Page

Once you open the Continu App, you'll land on the Welcome Page. Press Get Started to continue to the next step.


Authorization Page

Complete the requested information to Authorize Continu for Salesforce. Your client ID and client secret can be accessed from Continu in the Admin>Settings>API field. 


Synchronization Page

Use this page to define the cadence and information transfered in the sync between Salesforce and Continu.

Select the start date and time from the first set of options.

Choose the users and data you'd like to sync from the Available Boxes and add them to the Chosen boxes.

The Schedule button will allow you to set up a regular automated schedule for syncing the data. 

Sync Now will sync all the data when you press the button.

Sync Now and Schedule will sync the data as is, and set up a cadence for automated syncing. 

Press the Trash Can icon to delete any schedule. 

Note: Salesforce has limits on the amount of data that can be synced. Plan carefully to avoid hitting your limit. Reach out to Salesforce if you're unsure what your limit is.

Viewing and Reporting

Once your integration is fully installed, you will be able to view the synced data from within Salesforce.

Synced Data

You will have access to pages showing all the synced data for: 

  • Learners
  • Assignments
  • Assessments 
  • Learning Tracks
  • Workshops


Reporting and Dashboards

The app will come preloaded with analytics of your Synced Continu Data visible in the Reporting and Dashboards


Uninstalling The Continu Salesforce App

Before uninstall app, be sure you:

  • Remove the permission sets for Continu Learn and Continue Admin
  • Delete Remote Sit Settings with Continu Endpoints

Uninstall Instructions

  1. Go to Setup>App>Packaging>Installed Packages
  2. Click Uninstall beside the Continu Learn App
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and follow the instructions on the screen
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