Importing LinkedIn Learning Course



Now that the integration has been established, you can start importing LinkedIn Learning content into Continu. To begin this process, follow the steps below: 

  1. From the Continu Administration area, select “Add Content”
  2. From the Add Content area, select Courses 
  3. Inside Courses, you will now see the LinkedIn Learning option
  4. Select LinkedIn Learning and you’ll be able to see all recent content as well as search by keyword, title and author. You can even filter your search by Type, Relevancy, Difficulty, and Language
  5. Once you’ve located the content you would like to import, select the “Import” button
  6. You can now follow the steps on Continu to add the content to a specific category or segment by a specific audience
  7. Once you’ve added your settings, select “Publish” and your LinkedIn Learning content is now visible within Continu
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