Do we need to have an existing Udemy content license?

Yes, you will need to purchase a license from Udemy. 


What type of license will I need to purchase from Udemy?
You will need to purchase a Udemy for Business license.


How do I enable the Udemy integration in Continu?
Please see the support documentation to enable the integration here.


How does the Udemy integration work within Continu?
You may import any licensed content from Udemy for Business directly into Continu. Your users will be able to search the content and will be taken to Udemy to access the course material.


How do I upload Udemy Courses?
Please see the support documentation here to get started.


Can I edit a course?
You can edit imported information. However, the course content can not be directly edited within Continu. If you are the author of the Udemy for Business content, you can edit your content on the Udemy website.


Can I add a Udemy course to a Learning Track?
No, as Udemy for Business content is proprietary material, it can not be added to a Continu Learning Track. However, you can use Workflows from Continu to automate and assign content to your users.


Can I track learner progress and completion?
Yes, you can track Udemy for Business content within the Host View in Continu for any course. Please note that Udemy does not offer real-time data, so the information you see within the host views may be delayed by up to 24 hours.


Is the learner's progress tracked in real time?
No, Udemy does not allow for real-time tracking. The Udemy for Business data you see within Continu may be delayed by up to 24 hours.


Will I be able to view reports?
Yes, you can view and download reporting directly within the Host View in Continu. 



If you have any further questions that are not currently covered in this document, please reach out to 



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